Martyn Pearson

An innovative new partnership supported by over £3m of European Social Funding (ESF), identifying training and skills gaps across Cornwall, has recently been established, with the Cornwall Manufacturers Group recruiting three new positions to deliver on behalf of the manufacturing sector.

The new Developing Skills for Business (DS4B) programme works with employers to design, develop and pilot training and apprenticeships to improve the relevance of skills training for local businesses across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Newly recruited, Martyn Pearson, Skills Broker on behalf of DS4B says: “A recent poll identified that manufacturing is vital to post-Brexit economy. The Cornwall Manufacturers Group (CMG) has always known the value of its industry which contributes 10% to Cornwall’s GVA and employs over 16,000. CMG are passionate ambassadors of manufacturing’s role and contribution to the £6.7 trillion global manufacturing economy. To secure funding which can identify training needs and deliver against those training needs is recognition, by Government, of the value of the industry and we’re seeing an overwhelming take-up from businesses of the offer.”

“It is so exciting to be able to go out to manufacturing businesses, cross-county, to help them identify their needs. Too often, employers know they need training but there isn’t the right training, certainly within the region, that delivers against that need. DS4B, with the support of the Cornwall College Group, brings an end to this and secures skills, and therefore the future opportunities in manufacturing and engineering for generations to come.”

Jen Siggs, Partnership Manager at Cornwall College says: “This programme will deliver a strategic approach to developing employer-led skills with businesses across Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly. The project will increase the capacity and capability of established sector/employer organisations and providers in all LEP priority sectors to engage with the SME businesses they represent. SMEs will be supported to identify current and emerging skills needs and ultimately the development of solutions to improve labour market relevance of provision for local businesses. It is fantastic to see the manufacturing skills programme is already receiving such a positive response in such a short time since launch.”

For further information, please contact Ken Martin, Project Coordinator