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CMG Awards Evening – Thursday 31st October 2019

Once again we will be celebrating the fantastic, though largely unrecognised manufacturing that takes place in Cornwall.
The awards evening and dinner will take place at The Atlantic Hotel, Newquay with Stephen Phipson, MAKE UK’s CEO, our keynote speaker.
Get involved, meet other manufacturers in our region and enjoy a really good awards evening.
CMG Awards 2017

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There are approximately 1100 manufacturing companies in Cornwall employing circa 16,000 employees who account for 10% (£7.3bn) of Gross Value Added (GVA) in Cornwall.


The Group has close relations with training providers. We run or manage a number of training schemes of benefit to members.

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We meet quarterly throughout the year with relevant guest speakers, work with other industry bodies and publicise the importance of manufacturing in Cornwall.


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The Group has an annually elected Chair and Vice-Chair who oversee the meetings and help co-ordinate the Group activity. They are supported by a secretary who organises the meetings and also sends members hopefully interesting and informative material.